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Begining Story, with out a name. - WritersJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Begining Story, with out a name. [Feb. 19th, 2009|12:32 am]
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This is just a thing I've been working on. it's no where near finished. this is just all the background info. I want to see how it goes down so far, and i really need some opinions. Please, and thanks.



It’s the year 2215, and the world has gone through many radical changes. Ever since 2104, several large events had taken place, altering life as people know it. Religion has been abolished for over 100 years, every language besides English has been outlawed for over 80 years, and a single communist dictator has ruled the planet for the last 120 years. The land has been ridden with corruption, ranging from greedy companies to cutthroat black market members, public safety has been at an all time low. Air quality had degraded to the point where it was considered hazardous to your health to breathe outside (Though it is still possible). Cities turned into large domes, while villages who couldn’t afford to, fell apart. Even with all the current problems technology hasn’t advanced as far as people had initially predicted, and the wars taking place throughout the world had lowered the life expectancy for the general population.

This wasn’t always the case for the planet earth. It used to be a place of prosper, peace, and enlightenment. Space travel was in its earlier stages, diseases were finally being cured, and the life expectancy had finally exceeded 150. The economy was at it’s peak, and the average person was more than content with their life. Then in the year 2100, a corrupt president named Roland Allastor had been elected in charge of Bushedi. Noticing the country had spent trillions of dollars into the space programs, he was infuriated. Especially with the fact that there had been no records of any species found so far. Calling it a blatant waste of money, he removed all funding from the space program and placed it into his own personal military program. With the massive funding to his military program, he slowly colonized the entire planet, and deemed himself dictator of the world. Once becoming the leader of the world, he renamed it “Allabastor”.

Space travel had become much less popular once the funding was completely depleted. Thus it had been banned for pedestrian use because of the cost, and instead it’s primarily used for shipping and military purposes. People are forced to use primitive Automobiles (Even though they’re electric because of environmental problems), and feel like they’ve been let down by the government. With that mindset, it didn’t help that there were tens of thousands war satellites hovering in the Earth’s orbit. Ironically each satellite is either jamming or spying on the next one. Because of all the uneasy tension from the population, the government had specified certain satellites to broadcast an Internet signal (This bill was passed in 2101). In all reality, they’re used to broadcast pro-war propaganda, but they claim “It’s for the convenience of our citizens”. Besides the Internet connection, each person had been supplied a computer, unknowingly to them that everything done on that computer is monitored and logged.

With everyone having access to the Internet, even with the government logging 90-95% of the computers out there, it took off like a rocket. Even though there are a handful of conspiracy Website, they’re usually taken down shortly after they appear, and the owner is usually tracked down and “disappears”. Many companies exist online, and do their business strictly online. Almost 90% of the worlds shopping is done online, and almost 40% of the worlds jobs are online. Children are being exposed to the net at younger ages, and kids as young as 7 are found playing online games/surfing the Internet. Most people ignore the fact that 99.9% of the news reported online is pro-government, and just see it as a coincidence. The few that do, foreshadow a very dim future, and plot online to escape to a better place.

Trying to escape all the corruption, people have been attempting to colonize outside of the planet since 2102. When word got out that there were several successful attempts, people were trying in masses to get off the planet. This resulted in many pointless casualties, and a much stricter monitoring of every outbound ship. Once the first official successful colonization was announced, the government immediately passed a law that would make it illegal to leave the planet, any attempt would be punishable to the fullest extent of the law (Death). Trying to make their point clear, any person who had managed to travel to an outercolony was branded a traitor, and any relatives were immediately put to death.

That started the domino effect leading to all the chaos. After colonizing the planet, he wanted to make sure everyone feared him. In 2108 religion was outlawed. Claiming that it was too much of a distraction, and anyone who was still practicing a religion by 2110, was sent to death. Many spiritual civilizations fell apart, some of the more religious cities were becoming ruins. Even some of the more religious cultures were becoming extinct. Just to make sure everyone couldn’t practice after it was outlawed, in 2111 he ordered that every religious artifact and religious land were to be destroyed. Realizing that there were some groups of people still practicing their religion is a different language, he had outlawed every language but English in 2112. Anyone who was unfortunately caught speaking a different language, had his tongue cut out on t.v.

History was becoming distorted throughout the world. To keep his rules clear, Allastor had every school book destroyed, and replaced with a pro-dictator version. Languages and religious history was quickly forgotten, and the future seemed to be dimming. Schools were under close watch, and anyone caught teaching anything that wasn’t on the approved agenda, was immediately blacklisted and fired. Allastor had been an extremely paranoid person, and was paranoid about everything, and didn’t want to take any chances with the future residents of his world.

In 2218 Allastor figured that foreign currencies were almost pointless to have. And outlawed everything but the Euro. Overnight the value of every currency but the Euro had become worthless, and lead to many problems. Between the massive depression and failing economies, crime rates throughout Allabastor had increased significantly. War’s began to wage over money and food, crime syndicates were taking over smaller cities, and barter had become a means of survival if you didn’t use Euro’s before. Murder, muggings, and mindless bloodshed had become commonplace. All the violent outbreaks led to people constantly needing medical attention. Hospital and clinics were always packed, the average survival rate in a hospital had dwindled down to about 50%. The life span on the average person had dropped 70 years in just a couple weeks. People were finding themselves homeless, and jobs were becoming scarce.

With all the mindless bloodshed taking place throughout several regions of the planet, several radicalism groups have been trying to create the perfect soldier. Seeing POW’s and children who had been born in unguarded hospitals as perfect subjects, it was becoming commonplace for infants and soldiers to go M.I.A. The government as it knew it was losing control of the land, and was starting to become desperate. This had caused all the governments funding to focus on advancements in weaponry and explosives, while draining all the funding towards transportation, living conditions, the environment, or medicine. Soldiers were considered nothing more than a replaceable pawn.

Noticing all the problems happening throughout all the cities, the military had begun recruiting citizens for the army. Their slogan was ” Fight for your food and comfort”. Promising shelter and food, the many homeless and jobless citizens joined without a second thought. This allowed the military to strengthen its hold on the Allabastor, claiming that not only was it good for the people, it was good for the economy. Because of how power abusive the militia was becoming, shortly after people began to resent the military altogether. Large riots and protests had broken out throughout Allabaster, some peaceful, but many violent. Each one with the same goal as the last, making it harder for the government to control them. Seeing how unruly the people of Allabastor were getting, Allastor began to hire scientists for his own secret agenda.

Each scientist was given the specific task to create and develop a virus or vaccine that would allow Allastor control the population of Allabastor with little to no effort. This would mean that he could come up with any law, or wage war on any part of the land, no matter how insane it seemed, with minimal to no resistance. Each hand picked scientist had no say in the matter, and was confined to one of several research buildings in Falashia (Located in a Tundra region). When the first virus successful virus was created, the renamed the project to ”Project Tundra”. (More details about Project Tundra below) When the virus was deemed much too strong for human immune systems, the scientists were ordered to develop an antibody that would prevent the virus from getting out of hand. After years of failed experiments and useless antibodies, Allastor feared that the virus could be traced to him, and planned on scrapping the entire project. All paper trails that lead to him were destroyed, all the researchers and their families had “disappeared”, and anyone who was even remotely aware of the project was assassinated. Once the thread of being caught was considered “neutralized”. Allastor began hand picking scientists for his second project. This project was classified as ”Project Evolution”. (Project evolution is also explained farther below)

Between all the uncontrollable complications with the first outbreak, the constant fighting that raged between Allabastor, and all the unwanted scrutiny from his citizens, Allastor made sure “Project Evolution” hadn’t seen any human testing until almost two and a half years into its research. Even with all the precautions he had taken, his scientists had only prepared for certain situations. With fear of getting caught, scientists had only half hearted tested out the new virus, and only wanted the project to end. This led to even more complications they hadn’t really prepared for, and cities were beginning to pay the price. Certain parts of Allabastor were left in complete ruin in less than a year. The area’s that were still considered safe, had much more security than people were accustomed to. “No-Law” zones were appearing at an alarming rate, because there were area’s that even the military didn’t want to go near. The only things that can be found in the No-Law zones are infected humans and the few remaining resistance. Their numbers dwindling because of the constant attacks by the government, and losing soldiers to the infected. (Version 5)

”Project Tundra”

In 2205 after a failed assassination attempt, Allastor had become extremely paranoid. After consulting many of his war buddies, he decided to start a project to control mankind. So by 2210 he finally decided that the project would be a great idea, and trying to keep it all a secret, the initial testing site was in a small village in Falashia. Each scientist was kept in the village under heavy surveillance. Fearing that them and their family would be killed if they didn’t produce a drug within an acceptable amount of time, the first version of the drug was rushed. Once Allastor was pleased with the initial drug, the scientists had altered it into a virus that would alter ones mind. Because of Allastors lack of originality, he renamed the project “Project Tundra”, and the human testing was about to begin.

Trying to find the best place to test the virus without much attention. Allastor had all the scientists deported to a small research facility on the Biledo Island. Spanning about 450 square miles, with a health and easily contained population of 10,000 people, the island was perfect for a testing ground. Not aware of the tourism of the island, several “Pens” had appeared throughout the island. Each pen was used to hold prison inmates who were given the death penalty. Criminals all around Allabastor were shipped to each pen like cattle, to be experimented on until they were deemed unusable.

After each pen was filled up, the testing had immediately begun. The inmates quickly showed signs of brain digression, and began to act in a more primal nature. They would show signs of insanity, insomnia, paranoid, and malevolences towards anything that breathed or moved. Noting how powerful the virus was, Alastor demanded an antibody that would slow the viruses progression, and then kill it after the effects had been done. This spawned the creation of the “Biledo Antibody”. Because of much testing was required to create the perfect antibody, inmates were being killed in the hundreds daily. When people began noticing how many inmates were dying at an alarming rate, they began to question the reasoning behind the pens. Not wanted to attract to much attention, Allastor had each pen closed.

After every pen was closed, the scientists were moved to several laboratories on the island. With very few test subjects, they began a volunteer program. Calling the virus the next “Miracle drug that would prevent you from getting sick”, most people were skeptical of it to begin with. They had gotten only a handful of volunteers, and still lacked enough test data to really use the Biledo anti-body. Disappointed with the lack of volunteers, Allastor decided to have the drug administrated without peoples consent or knowledge. This were going pretty well for almost a year and there were no reported cases of violence that linked to the virus. Allastor was so pleased with the results, that he had begun planning on feeding the virus and antibody into Allabastors water supply soon.

Not everything was what it seems though. In reality, while it had prevented people from digressing or showing any of the horrible symptoms, 90-95% of the people had the symptoms 12-18 months after the introduction to the virus. 98% of the people who were infected showed symptoms by 24 months, and 99.8% of the people who were infected show symptoms by 36 months. The .2% of people who managed to stay symptom free, had become partially immune to the virus. Noone knows why these people are immune to the virus, nor do they know how to spot a person who’s immune to the virus.

The first known outbreak had occurred 13 months after one of the first volunteers were infected. It was believed to have started inside the Macambre Airport, and was latter dubbed the “Macambre Massacre”. The subject had finally shown some of the more severe symptoms, becoming insane and extremely violent. Because of how crowded the airport was, people first thought it was just an unruly tourist. Even though he was biting people and clawing at others, it was hardly noticed by security. And within 3 hours, more than half the airport was infected with the virus. When people began freaking out and calling the media, the airport had become surrounded by news crews in less than 5 hours from the initial outbreak. Allastor had caught wind of the outbreak, and immediately wanted to prevent any word or knowledge from getting out, he quickly had everything within 5 miles of the airport quarantined. Then less than 30 minutes later, everything enclosed was destroyed, and everyone who was penned was killed. There was no possible death count because of how quickly the government had acted to cover up the problem. All the records were sealed and classified. Noticing how many problems this could lead to, Allastor demanded the scientists to create a new antibody.

To create the second antibody, they took the original Biledo anti-body and refined it several times. Mutating the original anti-body to a create a much stronger strand. To be on the safer side, they gave it three years of extensive testing before trying it out on a human subject. When none of the few first subjects showed any symptoms, they released it and administered it to people without their knowledge (Yet again). The problem is, they hadn’t prepared for the complication of when an infected person comes in contact with an non infected person. The virus was more contagious than they had initially expected, and strands of it could be transferred to other people through bodily fluids, sharing of drinks, or in severe cases a cough or a sneeze.

Another problem with the virus is that when the strange changes host, it mutated even more adjusted to the different bloodtype. When the virus had mutated that far, the infectee was almost guaranteed gone within 24 hours. The new host would start showing symptoms usually within 6 hours, and even people who were earlier considered immune to the virus, were actually showing symptoms within 12 hours of infection. Another unforeseen problem is that someone who had carried the original Biledo antibody came in constant with a mutated strand of the virus would cause the virus to go haywire. When this extreme version of the virus was transferred between people, the hosts would begin to physically mutate. From losing limbs to growing limbs, a mutated person was classified as a nonhuman and was to be killed on sight. A mutant was classified as an extremely dangerous species, and severely infectious.

With all the outbreaks that were taking place all throughout Allabastor, the original scientists were frantically trying to create a cure for both the virus and the mutated version of. The problem was, the virus was so powerful, than there was nothing capable of destroying it. Alastor in a panic, used the resistance groups as a scapegoat, and blamed all their problems on them. Even though he was playing the blame game, some of the most sophisticated cities were falling apart to the virus. Islands were becoming danger zones, and even some area’s on the mainlands were considered uninhabitable. Military bases began mysteriously appearing in each city that was considered still safe. Testing the population of Allabastor on a large scale for any strand of the virus, and killing anyone who showed any signs of being infected or infectious. With the fear of death, many people avoided the bases and hid underground. Still confused on what had really caused this massive outbreak, many people didn’t know who to trust anymore, the government or the resistance.

Three months after the so called “Virus wipe” project Tundra had been officially scrapped. Allastor ordered that every record and every shred of research to be destroyed. Each of the original scientists had gone “missing”, and anyone who knew the scientists were assassinated. Even though the project had failed horribly, Allastor was not discouraged at all. Within three months, bases were appearing on some parts of the uninhabitable area’s. Refugees had finally thought that they had a safe place to come to, little did they know, Project Evolution had only just begun. (Revise 4)

”Project Evolution”

In 2214 Project Evolution was initiated shortly before Project Tundra was entirely contained and closed. Learning from the failure of the first virus, Allastor had located a whole new team of scientists and forced them to use a whole new approach. Fearing for their families lives, the scientists were forced to create a whole new virus altogether. With the fear of being under severe scrutiny of the public, Allastor ordered the scientists to make do with what few uninfected people still survived on the island. When the first virus had finally been synthesized, the scientists lacked enough subjects to take research a step forward, and had the virus smuggled to a facility on Rhetilio (Located on one of the mainlands). Even on the mainland, there was only a limited amount of people that they could test the new virus on. This virus was really showing some signs of promise, and none of the patients showed any of the tell tale signs. Their brains were showing no signs of degrading or mutation.

The only thing the scientists hadn’t really taken accounted for, was the fact that the virus was still transferable only through saliva (By either biting or kissing). When this information came to them, it was considered just an easier way to transfer the virus from host to host. The real underlying issue was, the way the virus was engineers, it HAD to mutate to survive in the new host. This mutation was a little less radical than Project Tundra’s virus, but it still caused problems. The next host began showing some minor signs or irritability and aggression. Mistaking it for a personality trait, they scientists ignore this, not knowing that as the virus kept mutating between new hosts, the more severe signs people would show. This ultimately lead to the same symptoms as the original virus.

Allastor had made one more mistake with this virus. He wanted it to be completely undetectable, incase it was traced one day in the future. Not realizing how potentially dangerous this way, it had increased the viruses chance to spread throughout Allabastor dramatically. People who had been infected with the original virus or the first few mutations only showed minor signs, and were easily repressed. Knowing that Allastor would be extremely pissed off finding out about the virus becoming unobtainable, they quickly tried to contain every person in Rhetilio. Only problem was, it was much too late, reports of people going insane and becoming violent were starting to become common once again. There were even some rare cases of people mutating once again. This was caused from a person who was infected with the original Project Tundra virus to come in contact with a person with the Project Evolution Virus. Unlike the original mutates, These people were much smarter, impervious to pain, extremely hard to kill, and fearless. Since the current outbreak, scientists have been forced to make an antibody and a cure, while Allastor has been trying to reinforce his army to fight against the infected. The only reason the scientists haven’t been killed, are because they’re the only ones who stand any chance of creating a cure. So far there hasn’t been much progress fighting or curing the newest outbreak. (Revise 3)

I know there's probably a few spelling errors, and grammatical errors, i apologize for that. Anything and everything is appreciated!

From: lorzalkapop
2009-09-05 03:13 pm (UTC)
This is a very well written peice. The opening paragraph is intreging and makes you want to read on. It was a little confussing in places in terms of dates and what was being described. Overall a suberb bit of writing.

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