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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2008|10:10 am]
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Picture courtesy of Boris Vajello

One simple look, a fleeting glance, and I am caught up within a whirlwind,
Your eyes flick up to meet mine in a penetrating stare that promises
Pleasures so divine, so rife with passion that I have to catch my breath,
Suddenly I feel weak and feverish... 

One simple touch, and the world explodes, a riotous profusion of colors
That surround and infuse me with undeniable lust, you can see it in my
 Eyes, for I cannot hide such overwhelming emotion, much too familiar
Are you with that dark gaze to misinterpret...

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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2008|12:33 am]
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Legacy Of Love

Picture courtesy of Shaz Young

You are laying there on a bed of shearing surrounded by the dark green of wet clover,
The moonlight washes over your body and I catch my breath, no greater beauty have my
Eyes beheld and you are mine, heart, mind, body and soul, the perfect gift wrapped up in
Only you, yellow hair cascades down your naked back like wheat silk, blowing slightly on the
Nightwind, could any man love a woman this much and still survive? My beating heart wonders,
Your bare skin glistens like a million diamonds, peppered by the rain, and I draw in a breath,
You hear me, tucked back here amongst the trees and turn your head in my direction...

'Does my knight have cause to hide from me?' you ask, as I step into the moonlit
Meadow, 'No m'lady, I have no cause,' I reply, 'only fear and trepidation.' Your eyes
Look up to meet mine and a wave of desire washes over me, buckling my knees,
Somehow I remain on my feet, 'Fear you say? Fear of what my knight?' 'Fear that I
Shall fall into your eyes and be lost forever m'lady.' Your smile is beatific as your
Arms reach up to me and a slow, seductive smile spreads across your lips like warm
Honey, 'And would that be so dreadful a fate my knight, to be lost within my soul?'


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Antenna [Oct. 7th, 2008|09:39 pm]
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The Snow flake that killed us [Oct. 5th, 2008|04:55 pm]
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[music |Merry freakin' Christmas by Frickin A]

The Snow flake that killed us

It falls.


We watch vividly as the light beams across the sky
Something seems wrong.
The white streak across the sky turns into a rich
violet glow
realize something. This light should not belong

The crowd surrounding me in awe. not
realizing s***
the streak of light heads to the ground
quickly I grab your hand telling you we must leave
The ground beneath us implodes. this is were our lives turn around

by matthew atienza
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2008|01:20 pm]
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Reason #82 Why I'm Still Single

Picture courtesy of noveltyradio.com

Ok, normally this wouldn't even have made the pages of my blog, except I thought it might serve as a little wake up call to other guys how NOT to be one!

Getting a shave and a haircut used to be two of the most simplest yet inexpensive pleasures back in the olden days, when there where actually real men called "Barbers" who had real Barber Shops  on real street corners in real small, no-name one horse little towns...Life was good back then, and for somewhere around three dollars, you could not only get the best shave of your entire life, (yes, with hot, moist towels, real shaving cream, and a real straight razor too!), you could also get your hair washed and cut...Yes, I said '"washed"...(I don't ever remember my Mother once yelling out the back door, "Nicholas! Get in here, take a bath and 'shampoo' your hair before supper!)...Sorry, I just don't remember it...


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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2008|05:34 pm]
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Photo courtesy of i.pbase.com

"The world is full of lonely people, all isolated in a private, secret dungeon..."

Loretta Girzartis



Nick Carlton

I am a man alone within the vastness of life...
A solitary figure standing on the edge of forever
Holding a lantern of hope up to ward off the darkness
As it gathers itself within in my mind...

A cold and icy wind sears my face like daggers...
Tears fill my eyes, blinding me to reality...
I do not want to miss the signal should one be sent...
Yet I have been waiting here for an eternity...


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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2008|11:27 am]
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My Knight Awaits

Picture courtesy of Liv Elin Eriksen deviantart

Today I face a battle against a foe I cannot see nor hear and yet, as I stand alone on the parapet that looks out across the pre-dawn land, instinctively I know my knight is there...

I may not see him in the cold, thick mist,  nor hear the sound of hoof beats thundering from his black charger, but he is there, waiting, watching, ready for anything if need be...

Tis courage that I need, and courage that he offers, tis strength that I might seek, then it is his strength I can tap into should dark rainclouds gather overhead...

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Walking into wallks, like he stares at the ceiling. [Sep. 23rd, 2008|01:37 pm]
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I walk into walls like he stares at the ceiling.

His eyes never cry. Those eyes tell it all.

His walls so thick, so sturdy.

He knows that he can lie.

He’s beautiful for what he is but always runs and hides.

So I walk into walls, like he stares at the ceiling.

He speaks the words I can’t define,

But now he holds them in his head.

Those late night conversations, I tried to understand.

Bit my lips, and choked on words I never meant to say.

He doesn’t seem to feel, and I just can’t let go.

His problems start to intertwine, and have become my own.

I soon would then cry twice, for what he did not show.

I’m walking into walls, (and he doesn’t seem to notice.)

There are always reasons why

In till-morning conversations, I saw the truths of him.

His eyes blue frost, and spoke tactless words,
still staring at the ceiling.
Listening I stumbled, over painful words.
He spoke of maybe marrying her but, wants those one-night-stands.
He wants to drink in bars with sluts, and
a way around the questions.
He wants the things that I can't give,
I guess I'm just not needed.
He told me of those people,
who broke before him in tears,
and left his sympathy frozen cold. (is that why you don't care?)
So I'd grip my hands and tried,
to perfect my tainted smile.......

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maybe this won't end up to be so meaningless. [Sep. 20th, 2008|11:39 am]
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09 15 08
I'm watching from the sidelines,
only wished I could submerge into their world.
To know what it's like.
I breathe in their happiness,
savour it as my own.
Somehow I can't trust myself with it.
I become a different person.
Enveloped in all feelings not mine.
I've never realised how good just being me felt.
Until it happened again.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2008|12:18 am]
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Picture courtesy of i183.photobucket.com

We each stand on opposite sides of a precipice, wind blowing back
Through your hair like shimmering waves of liquid silk, yet chilling my
Heart like an icy hand wrapped 'round it, between us lay the yawning
Depths of a deep, yet familiar canyon filled with shards of broken glass
That glitter in the fading light like a million jewels of beautiful death...

Your eyes catch mine and hold them in an unwavering stare, and
Hypnotized am I by your beauty as I have always been, yet so much
Time has passed, so much pain rendered, but here we stand together 
Again, hearts beating in anxious rhythm, wanting, needing, yearning
For everything we once held dear, once held sacred in our lives...

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